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Ayurveda - For Health & Well-Being
Sally Morningstar

Rather than treating symptoms, ayurveda treats the whole patient, working as a preventative means of coping with imbalance and disease. This introductory guide is an excellent resource, with lovely colour photos.
Paperback, 64pp.

Was £4.99 . . . . . . now £3.50

Hatha Yoga
The Complete Mind and Body Workout
Juliet Pegrum

An illustrated guide to the complete Hatha Yoga programme. With a range of different workouts, clear step-by-step photographs, information on health benefits of individual poses, advice for beginners, nutrition advice and breathing techniques.
Paperback, 128pp.

Was £14.99 . . . . . . now £7.99

Awaken Your Body, Balance Your Mind
Perfect health using the Chi Ball method
Monica Linford

Designed to re-energise, strengthen and relax the body, Monica Linford's Chi Ball Method integrates the best of Eastern and Western exercise philosophies - Tai Chi, Yoga, Body Conditioning, Feldenkrais and Deep Relaxation.
Paperback, 215pp.

Was £12.99 . . . . . . now £6.99

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