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Questions & Answers -
The Bach Flower Remedies

John Ramsell

Full of answers to all your questions to the Dr Edward Bach Centre, focusing on the standard policies and original attitudes that Dr. Bach bequeathed to Nora Weeks and Victor Bullen concerning his work. This is the definitive Bach Remedies book.
Paperback, 120pp. C.W Daniel Co. Ltd., 1996.

Was £4.95 . . . . . . now £2.00


Heal Yourself with Flowers and Other Essences
Nikki Bradford

Flower essences are being hailed as the medicine for the 21st century. This groundbreaking title is the first to bring this simple, gentle and effective therapy to a general market. Includes recipes and the healing properties of flowers, herbs, and trees.
Hardback, 304pp.

Was £12.99 . . . . . . now £7.99

The Complete Floral Healer
Healing power of flowers through herbalism, aromatherapy, homeopathy and flower essences
Anne McIntyre

Beautiful, practical and highly informative guide to the curative power of flowers and special features on Bach, Californian and Australian flower essences and the herbal traditions of China, India and Native America.
Paperback, 287pp.

Was £16.99 . . . . . . now £9.99


Spice Spa
Rubs, Scrubs & Baths for Re-claiming Health, Beauty and Internal Balance
Susannah Marriott

The key to looking good and achieving inner balance is taking time for yourself. For a fraction of the price of being treated at a luxury spa, Spice Spa enables you to benefit from the same health-promoting and beautifying regimes in your own home.
Hardback, 127pp.

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