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aromatherapy book

Aromatherapy for Health & Harmony
Mark Evans

Aromatherapy is gentle, accessible to everyone and very easy to use at home. This book shows you how to blend oils and guides you through simple yet effective techniques such as massage, hand and footbaths and inhalations.
Paperback, 64pp.

Was £4.99 . . . . . . now £3.50

shiatsu book

Shiatsu - For Health and Well-Being
A Fully Illustrated Guide to a Safe Effective Home Treatment
Susanne Franzen

Shiatsu can be practised on a partner or you can administer self-help shiatsu yourself. This practical guide contains sequences for both and introduces routines to benefit each region of the body.
Paperback, 64pp.

Was £4.99 . . . . . . now £3.50

The Mobius Guide to Gems and Crystals
Kristyna Arcarti

This is a comprehensive guide to using crystals and gemstones for everything from relieving stress and promoting better physical health to using stones as an aid to spiritual healing and wellbeing. Helpful and enlightening, it covers birthstones and astrology, colour healing with gemstones, and advice on consulting a crystal therapist - as well as giving advice on how to choose the right crystals and gems, how to keep, cleanse and charge them, and how to use them in areas ranging from meditation to decision-making.
Paperback, 128pp.

Was £7.99 . . . . . . now £3.99


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