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Easy-To-Use Zen
Refresh & Calm Your Mind, Body & Spirit with the Wisdom of Zen
David Scott

A simple, effective guide to bring Zen into your daily life which focuses on practical tips for your home, kitchen and garden. It also explains the essential concepts of Zen practice and is packed full of beautiful pictures and Zen quotes.
Paperback, 160pp. Vega, 2002.

Was £14.99 . . . . . . now £7.99 Sorry - out of stock

vastu home book

The Vastu Home
Harmonise Your Living Spaces Using the Practical Indian Tradition of Vastu
Juliet Pegrum

Based on the ancient interior design tradition of Vastu Vidya, this book gives inspirational advice on layout and decoration with beautiful photos. You can transform each room in your home and garden into a peaceful retreat or an energising space.
Hardback, 160pp. Duncan Baird, 2002.

Was £19.99 . . . . . . now £9.99

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