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If you want to see our selection of tarot cards and oracle decks, they're now here.

Also, that page is where I've put sets where a book (besides the Little White Book that always comes in any tarot deck) is included in the package.

What we have here, then, are books on tarot that are for sale on their own, don't include cards and can be used in conjunction with any deck.

Tarot For All Seasons
Celebrating the Days and Nights of Power
Christine Jette

Honour the rites of the old ways as you deepen your connection to the Goddess through the archetypal images of the Tarot.

Part spellbook, part ritual guide, this book describes how to use the magic of the tarot and extract seasonal energy throughout the Wheel of the Year to improve all areas of life. Also includes powerful ways to connect with all aspects of the Goddess.

Ritual creates a sacred space, an ideal environment for powerful and magical Tarot readings. A list of corresponding scents, magical brews and candles are included to help you design your own rituals.

There's a section that covers the meanings of the cards, so this book has something to offer whether you're a beginner or someone wanting to extend their experience of Tarot.
Paperback, 148pp.

Was £12.50 . . . . . . now £6.25 add to basket tarot for all seasons sorry - out of stock

Tarot Made Easy
Immediate Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions
Nancy Garen

If you've been intrigued by the Tarot but were confounded by the complexities of multi-card spreads and the vague interpretations given in most books, this is the guide for you.

With the simple process outlined here, you need only choose one tarot card and then consult one (or several) of the 32 categories listed under each card - including Romance, Travel, Career, Finances, Friends, and Special Guidance - to discover the card's specific message for you. This easy but accurate system gives more specific interpretations than those found in found in most books and gives you the immediate insights you need.
Paperback, 382pp.

Was £9.99. . . . . . now £6.99 add to basket tarot made easy book sorry - out of stock

What Tarot Can Do For You
Your Future in the Cards
Barbara Moore

See how the Tarot can foretell coming events, create solutions to problems, add variety and depth to your meditation, and focus your spell-working. Includes how to use the Tarot for self-improvement. A sound and readable book aimed at beginners.
Paperback, 182pp.

Was £6.99 . . . . . . now £4.99 Sorry - out of stock

tarot talks to the woman within

Tarot Talks to the Woman Within
Teach yourself to rely on her support
Cassandra Eason

You have a deep reservoir of strength and wisdom within you. This book can teach you how tarot taps into this energy to change your life.
Paperback, 191pp.

Was £7.99 . . . . . . now £5.99

Tarot Life Planner
Change Your Destiny and Enrich Your Life
Lady Lorelei

Discover how to interpret the major and minor arcana, how to use the tarot to achieve your dreams - from relocating to finding love, and how to harness the power of your mind to heal sickness and build strength. A large, illustrated, user-friendly book.
Paperback, 176pp.

Was £7.99 . . . . . . now £5.99

Tarot Plain and Simple
Anthony Lewis
With illustrations by Robin Wood

At its essence the Tarot deals with archetypal symbols of the human situation. By studying the Tarot, we connect ourselves with the mythical underpinnings of our lives; we contact the gods within. This book presents the Tarot in language that is plain and simple, devoid of extraneous philosophical, or metaphysical musings, for those who wish to learn an easy and reliable method of reading for themselves and for others.

Illustrations are from the vibrant and beautiful Robin Wood Tarot, which you can find in our tarot cards section.
Paperback, 264pp.

£12.54 add to basket tarot plain and simple

Working with the Tarot
Sarah Bartlett

The tarot is one of the oldest methods used to provide insight into people's destinies and personalities. This essential beginners' guide introduces you to the tarot, explains the meaning behind the cards and gives spreads to use during your reading.

There are practical exercises for each of the cards of the Major Arcana and short, pithy explorations of meanings for all the minor cards. Sample readings for every spread help to show how the Tarot can help you gain deeper insights into your life.

Fully and helpfully illustrated using Rider-Waite style pictorial images.
Paperback, 128pp.

£8.98 add to basket working with tarot book

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