The Vastu Home

By Juliet Pegrum


Based on the ancient interior design tradition of Vastu Vidya, this book gives inspirational advice on layout and decoration with beautiful photos. You can transform each room in your home and garden into a peaceful retreat or an energising space.

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Simply Feng Shui

By Sarah Bartlett


Revitalise your home with the ancient art of placement. Find easy tips for improving relationships and achieving professional success. The author includes advice on choosing colours for emotional and material well-being. Beautifully illustrated.

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Clear The Clutter

By Inge van der Ploeg


Whether you need to know how to organize your laundry, weekly shopping, office computer files or your ten-year backlog of family photographs, this book can help. Full of no-nonsense advice, practical exercises, handy tips and checklists, it can be used to address a specific problem or as an overview for clearing up your life. Sorting out your surroundings has other benefits, too: the practical experience of ordering a home or work space leads on naturally to rethinking other aspects of life. Clearing out the clutter really can make space for your life, and offer greater emotional and personal stability.

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