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feng shui bagua mirrors

The bagua mirror is among the most well-known and often used of all the Feng Shui remedies or cures for protecting your house. Buildings placed near graveyards, facing the corners of other buildings, at a T-junction or with a large tree blocking the entrance are said to be at a disadvantage from "poison arrows" of sha chi (negative energy) that might damage those inside the dwelling or place of business and may lead to illness or bad luck.

To defend your house from negative energy, Feng Shui practitioners invoke the eight trigrams or bagua of the Early Heaven, an ancient Chinese arrangement of eight binary symbols made up of solid or straight (yang) lines and broken (yin) lines. These are said to represents the unity of Heaven and Earth and the blessings that come from alignment with natural virtue. The use of these mirrors is said to date back to the 10th century, but the bagua itself is far older than that, for it consists of the same eight Trigrams found in the I Ching or Chinese Book of Changes used in divination, which is reputed to be over two thousand years old.

Bagua mirrors are octagonal wood-framed mirrors. The bagua symbols appear in the traditional colours of black, red, and mustard yellow. There are two varieties - concave (curved inward) to absorb and neutralise passive negative energy and convex (curved outward) to repel active harmful energy.

The mirrors must be hung outdoors. The trigram for Heaven called Chien (three solid lines) goes at the top and the trigram for Earth called Kun (three broken lines) goes at the bottom.

concave feng shui bagua mirror

The concave mirror is used on the side of the house facing passively negative energies. It provides protection because it will safely absorb and dissipate any problems caused by obstructions and mild negativity.

These mirrors are used when large objects point at the front door or home. They appear smaller and so they pose less of a threat. Say you have a large tree in front of your door, then you could place a concave bagua mirror to reflect it and shrink its image. The concave mirror draws the negativity into the mirror so it does not enter your house.

Because the concave mirror draws the negativity in, it needs to be cleansed on a regular basis. You can clean it by wiping with a damp cloth and passing it through some incense smoke.

The mirror part looks blue in the picture because there's a plastic film in place to protect the reflective centre in transit. It just peels off.

The mirror is 120mm in diameter (4 and 3/4 inches).

concave bagua mirror - £4.95 add to basket concave bagua mirror

convex feng shui bagua mirror

The convex mirror is used on the side of the building from which the most negative energy comes. Its protection consists of reversing or returning back any harmful negative energy, which it basically reflects away from your house.

To protect them in transit, the mirrors have a plastic film on them. That's why they look blue - it's just the film. You just peel it off when you get it.

The mirror is 120mm in diameter (4 and 3/4 inches).

convex bagua mirror - £4.95 add to basket convex bagua mirror

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