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oracle cards - oracle decks and deck/book sets

Here's our latest collection of oracle cards. These are used for divination, like tarot cards. But unlike tarot cards, there is no set number of cards in a pack. While tarot packs have a conventional structure (face cards, suits, etc), these don't. Each of these has their own structure and number of cards; you'll find details about this in the listing for each one.

I've included spell card decks on this page, too.

Tarot cards are now here - we've got a nice selection of unusual and interesting decks.

wisdom of trees oracle set - cards + book
Jane Struthers

For thousands of years cultures around the world have celebrated and honoured the importance of trees in every aspect of life - they have provided shelter, food, fuel and medicine but have also been of profound significance in developing our sense of connection to the natural world. Trees have been seen as guardians, wise and enduring spiritual entities that can teach us much about ourselves and our role in the world, if only we will listen to them.

This oracle accesses the wisdom of trees, helping us tap into the insights they can provide. The 40 cards of the deck are divided into four different suits: roots (being and grounding), trunk (healing and growth), leaf (spiritual wisdom) and flower, fruit and seed (manifesting your power in the world). The borders of the cards are colour-coded to show their suit.

Each card features a beautiful illustration of the tree, while the accompanying book provides a detailed guide to its significance and associations, and explains how to interpret the card you have drawn in both upright and inverse positions.

40-card deck
88-page guidebook

Look here for sample cards.

Look here to see inside the book.

wisdom of trees oracle set - £12.99 add to basket wisdom of trees oracle cards sorry - out of stock

spell magic - cards + book set
Lucy Summers

A very useful set of cards and handbook, perfect as an introduction to spellcasting, but also very useful for the more experienced spellcaster, since the cards are designed to be symbolic representations of frequently used elements and ingredients, which you can use when the actual things are unavailable or inconvenient.

"The magical world is inside you and all around you, and can bring you your heart's desire, if you can learn to harness it.

This book is a great introduction to magic and all the opportunities it presents. Learn to tap into its power with this book of spells, tailor-made for modern life.

The set includes 36 beautifully designed cards featuring common ingredients for spellcasting. Using these cards to stand in for ingredients and natural elements enables you to cast your spells on the go."  

36 card set
96 page paperback book

Look here to see inside the book, a page that has pictures of some of the cards.

spell magic cards and book set - £7.90 add to basket wicca divination kit sorry - out of stock

wicca divination kit - cards + book set
Peter O`Neill, Fedora Feltrin & Maria Carati

Based on Wiccan signs and symbols, this kit can be used for meditation, divination, and ritual work. It includes cards featuring runes, astrological signs, wiccan tools and moon phases. 

Formerly a boxed set called The Wicca Divination Kit, which is now out of print and no longer available, what we have assembled here are the kit's component parts - the cards and the book.

Ideal for both meditation and divination, the Wicca cards feature symbols and images of the Wiccan religion. The accompanying guidebook includes in-depth descriptions of each card, and a discussion of the deck's historical and esoteric themes.

There are instructions for using the cards in ritual and spellcasting as well as information about interpreting the cards in readings. For a quicker guide to interpreting the cards in readings, there's also the usual Little White Book inside the cards box.

45-card deck
158-page paperback book

Look here for sample cards.

Look here to see inside the book.

wicca divination kit cards and book set - £29.00 add to basket wicca divination kit

guardian angel oracle set - cards + book
Chrissie Astell

Asking the angels for guidance couldn't be simpler with this superb deck of angel cards and accompanying book. Based on the insights of angel expert Chrissie Astell, this beautifully illustrated deck will introduce you to the wonderful world of angels, giving guidance on how to communicate with them and ofering comfort, healing and inspiration.

This deck is perfect for those just beginning their angel journey as well as anyone already familiar with the uplifling power of angels. Includes an 80-page illustrated guide that explains how to connect with the angels and interpret the cards and readings.

52-card deck
80-page guidebook

Look here for sample cards.

guardian angel oracle set - £11.99 add to basket guardian angel oracle cards sorry - out of stock

celtic wisdom oracle set - cards + book
Caitlin Matthews

Created by Caitlin Matthews, an authority on Celtic spirituality, and illustrated with superb original artwork inspired by the rich Celtic tradition, this inspiring deck and accompanying guide will help you gain new insights and wisdom about your past, present and future drawing on Celtic lore and legend.

The cards are divided into Divine Ancestors (deities) and Clan Ancestors (representations of real life issues).

The box contains a deck of 40 celtic oracle cards, a fold-out diagram to help you with your readings, an 88 page guide on how to read the cards, understand their deeper meanings and intergrate their messages into every aspect of your life.

40-card deck
88-page guidebook

Look here for sample cards.

celtic wisdom oracle set - £12.99 add to basket celtic wisdom oracle cards

camelot oracle set - cards + book + map
John Matthews

Enter a mystical landscape peopled with archetypal characters and rich in myth and legend - the world of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. The universal appeal of the Arthurian tales lies in their primal quality: they deal with every aspect of human life, from the eternal struggle to overcome obstacles to the continuing search for fulfilment.

Working with the oracle cards and the Map of The Lands Adventurous you will travel from Camelot with your champion on your quest. Your chosen path leads to a place of significance where your challenger waits to hear your questions. Consulting the guidebook will reveal the answers and the guidance you require. The Camelot Oracle explores inner realms and takes you on an unforgettable journey.

The box contains a deck of 40 cards, a 128-page illustrated guidebook and a map with a journey layout.

40-card deck
128-page guidebook

Look here for sample character cards.

Look here for sample paths cards.

camelot oracle set - £13.99 add to basket camelot oracle cards

enchanted oracle set - cards, book, bag and pendant/pendulum
Jessica Galbreth

Enter an enchanted world filled with faeries, goddesses and sorceresses; a magical world of possibility and power; a world in which you can weave your future. Renowned fantasy artist Jessica Galbreth and acclaimed Tarot author Barbara Moore have teamed up to offer the "Enchanted Oracle", featuring Galbreth's hauntingly beautiful faerie images and Moore's insightful instruction.

An oracle, properly used, is a means of receiving messages from the divine, a source of guidance, and a tool for shaping the future."The Enchanted Oracle" kit includes a 36-card deck featuring original watercolour artwork by Jessica Galbreth, and a 240-page book by Barbara Moore that introduces oracles, outlines their divinatory meanings, and presents a variety of ways to work with their wisdom, including spells, enchantments, and journaling exercises.

Perfect for beginners, this fabulous kit also includes a faerie pendant that can be used as a pendulum, and a silver bag in which to keep the oracle cards when not in use.

36-card deck
240-page guidebook

Look here for sample cards.

See what you get in the kit

enchanted oracle set - £15.99 add to basket enchanted oraclet cards sorry - out of stock

the heart of faerie oracle - card and book set
Brian and Wendy Froud

From acclaimed faerie artists Brian and Wendy Froud comes a delightful and spiritual guide that invites readers to connect with faeries and learn useful wisdom that will enhance their lives and personal relationships.

The Heart of Faerie Oracle box set contains 68 oracle cards illustrated by Brian Froud, featuring enchanting faerie images, and an accompanying guidebook written by Wendy Froud.

The 160-page illustrated hardback book describes the emotional and practical nature of the cards and offers a variety of techniques for using the set, opening the door into the Faerie Realm as never before.

68-card deck
160-page guidebook

Look here for sample cards.

Card Size: 3 x 5 inches = 7.5cm x 12.75cm

heart of faerie oracle set - £15.19 add to basket heart of faerie oracle crads and book sorry - out of stock

doreen virtue messages from your angels oracle cards

This card deck makes it easier than ever to give an amazingly accurate angel reading for yourself or others. Each card features a gorgeous angel painting, along with a 1- or 2- sentence message.

Doreen Virtue delivers powerful, comforting, and inspiring messages from the angelic realm. These messages help listeners to clarify their indecision, to feel better about themselves, and to understand the role of the angels in their lives. Topics addressed include: life's purpose, love life, children, self-employment, finances and abundance, health and healing, finding courage, peace of mind, and the spiritual path. 

44-card deck
70-page guidebook

Look here for sample cards.

Look here for an example page from the accompanying book.

messages from your angels oracle cards - £11.99 add to basket messages from your angels oracle cards

doreen virtue life purpose oracle cards

Before you were born, you worked with your angels to orchestrate a life mission that would help others and be emotionally rewarding. This card deck by Doreen Virtue will allow you to conduct accurate and trustworthy readings to explore that life purpose. Each of the 44 beautifully illustrated cards contains an illuminating message from the angels related to this topic.

The accompanying guidebook explains the general meanings of the cards and provides specific details that can offer more clarity about your career and spiritual path. Whether you're seeking answers for yourself or your loved ones and clients, these cards can yield valuable insights. The angels are happy to guide every aspect of your life purpose!

A companion that will grow as you discover new meaning in your life, this deck is illuminating to your true spirit.

Look here for sample cards.

life purpose oracle cards - £11.99 add to basket life purpose oracle cards

doreen virtue healing with the angels oracle cards

This set of 44 oracle cards will help you communicate with your angels and receive guidance about every aspect of your life - love, career, health and more - counselled from a place of love. Each card features a beautiful angel image and message. A 48 page guidebook is included.

44-card deck
48-page guidebook

Look here for sample cards.

healing with the angels oracle cards - £11.99 add to basket healing with angels oracle cards cards

doreen virtue healing with the fairies oracle cards

Fairies are nature's guardian angels, and they can miraculously assist you with your self-esteem, relationships, health and career. With the help of these 44 oracle cards, you can have a deeply personal relationship with the amazing fairy realm. A 69 page guidebook is included.

44-card deck
69-page guidebook

Look here for sample cards.

healing with the fairies oracle cards - £11.99 add to basket healing with fairies oracle cards cards

the love spell box

Discover your romantic destiny with this enchanting card and book set. Pack of 30 cards and a book of spells to enhance your love life.

The Love Spells Box will solve most dilemmas in the mysterious world of love. Every card carries a love prediction and accompanying spell. The companion book details the motives and effects of casting particular spells whether divining the outcome of an affair of the heart, improving a current relationship, or enticing true love. The cards are divided into four suits: True Love, Forbidden Love, Unrequited Love, and Family Love. Each suit contains seven whimsically illustrated cards as well as the wild cards, Venus and Cupid.

By Gillian Kemp, with wonderful artwork by Jaqui Mair.

30-card deck
96-page guidebook

Look here for sample cards.

the love spell box - £11.99 add to basket love spell box cards sorry - out of stock

doreen virtue goddess guidance oracle cards

The goddesses are angelic, powerful, loving beings who want to help you with every part of your life. In this set of 44 oracle cards by Doreen Virtue, you'll learn who the different cross-cultural goddesses are and how they can help you. Each card gives you a specific message about how you can improve your life, health, relationships, finances, career and spiritual path.

The accompanying guidebook helps you give accurate readings for yourself, your loved ones and your clients. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you'll find that working with the goddesses brings Divine magic into your life.

44-card deck
123-page guidebook

Look here for sample cards.

goddess guidance oracle cards - £11.99 add to basket goddess guidance oracle cards cards

angel messages book and oracle cards

Have you ever wondered if you have a guardian angel looking over your shoulder? Think of those times when you needed a miracle in your life, and, out of the blue, heaven-sent help from a stranger arrived. Often, these are our angels working through others, but with this divine book and pack of angel message cards you'll be able to enjoy the love, comfort and guidance of angels every day of your life.

This book and pack of 52 messages channelled by healer Vanessa Lampert can be used for daily affirmations and predicting the future. The messages on the cards fall into four suits. Wisdom (purple); Love (pink); Career and Crearivity (yellow/orange); and healing (green/blue) so you can interpret them in these four key areas of your life. The accompanying book explains how working with angels harnesses your true potential, helping you improve your life and move forward. It shows how to lay out the cards to use them for prediction, meditation, dowsing, dreaming and for general affirmations. Also included are detailed explanations of each Angel Message to complement the inspiring colour illustrations that appear on every message card.

Look here to see some of the cards - the box in the picture is different, but they're the same cards.

angel messages book and oracle cards - £10.99 add to basket angel messages book and oracle cards

deepak chopra success cards

Creating money has to do with developing a "wealth consciousness", the ability to know that whatever you need is available to you. True success, on the other hand, extends from a deep understanding of the self, recognising your own unique talents and determining how best to use them to support the web of life. These cards inspire you to further tap in to the metaphysical wonder of creating success and money.

Look here for sample cards.

deepak chopra success cards - £11.99 add to basket deepak chopra success oracle cards

earth magic oracle cards

The Earth speaks to us in many ways through the spirits of her various elements. In this deck of 48 oracle cards created by Steven D. Farmer, you’ll find descriptions and images of several of these Earth elements along with clear and concise messages from the spirits of each.

Through the use of these cards, you’ll uncover sensible advice that will provide guidance for questions you may have about any aspect of your life. The enclosed guidebook includes easy-to-follow instructions as well as expanded descriptions and messages for each card, allowing you to give yourself and others accurate, meaningful readings.

Look here for sample cards.

earth magic oracle cards - £11.99 add to basket earth magic oracle cards

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