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raven figurines and raven skull box

I love my corvids, I do, so these get a page all to themselves. And for those similarly enthusiastic about ravens, there are some links below to our other raven-themed items.

perching raven figurine

Fabulous raven figurine from Nemesis Now. A nice, heavy, good quality piece, cast in resin with beautiful fine detailing. There's a close up of the feathers that you can see here, if you like.

Adds an Edgar Allen Poe sense of looming menace to any interior.

The ornament measures 160mm (6.5") tall.

perching raven figurine - £13.76 add to basket perching raven

raven skull box - salem's familiar

Another for raven enthusiasts, this time the raven perches on a skull engraved with ancient map symbols. Again, this is a very well-made, solid and heavy piece, intricately decorated.

The skull opens and there is space inside for keepsakes.

This ornament measures 270mm (10.5") tall.

ancient skull box with raven - £24.98 add to basket skull with raven box

And as an extra treat for raven fans, here's a recording of Edgar Allan Poe's poem, read by Vincent Price. Vincent Price!

raven on skull ornament

A raven perches on a naturalistic skull in this very Edgar Allan Poe style ornament. Cast in resin and finely detailed, as you can probably see better in the close-up of the raven itself.

This ornament is 220mm (approx 9 inches) tall.

naturalistic skull with raven - £12.50 add to basket skull with raven

gothic angel and raven tote bag

A nice, well-made and sturdy bag of generous dimensions, made of substantial black cotton canvas drill, featuring a lovely illustration of a gothic angel with visiting raven.

The bag is 40cm (16") high, 38cm (15") wide, and has a gusset 11cm (4 1/2") deep. The straps, which are very firmly sewn on with multiple stitching, are 61cm (24") in length.

gothic angel and raven tote bag - £11.00 add to basket angel and raven tote bag

We have greetings cards with this design, too. They're here.

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