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advent wreath candle set

advent wreath candles

A set of three purple and one pink rustic candles, perfect for your advent wreath.

The candles are each 200mm / 8" tall and have a burn time of 8 - 9 hours per candle. They're a good, solid colour all the way through, not just cheap white ones overdipped with a coloured layer. Made in the UK, they have a robust, hand-made look.

These are drawn candles; they offer improved burn quality, when compared to non-drawn candles (ones that are made in a mould), as the air trapped in the wax during the manufacturing process feeds the flame, so you get a good clean burn with no dripping.

The 1st Sunday in Advent this year (2015) falls on November 29th.

£3.60 per set of four candles add to basket advent candle set

Would you like to add extra candles to your set?

Extra purple candle - 1 for £0.90 add to basket single purple rustic candle 200mm

Extra petal pink candle - 1 for £0.90 add to basket single petal pink rustic candle 200mm

Extra white candle - 1 for £0.90 add to basket single white rustic candle 200mm

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