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Small solid-coloured candles, ideal for spellworking and candle magic. There's a choice of burn times, a choice of mineral wax or beeswax and a wide range of colours. We also have gold and silver candles, ideal for spellworking or for your altar.

100mm (4") solid-colour spell candles

All the candles here are (or will be) 100mm (4") tall. I hope you find something that fits the bill, whatever your intentions or your budget!

The burn time indicated is a conservative estimate, by which I mean that's the least you can expect. The actual burn time of any candle will be affected by local conditions, so it can't be predicted with absolute certainty.

100mm solid colour spell candles

basic range - 2 hour burn time
35p each

premium spell candles
100mm solid colour spell candles

premium range - 3 hour burn time
48p each

beeswax spell candles
100mm beeswax spell candles

hand made to order - 2 hour burn time
55p each

candle holders for spell candles
holders for 100mm candles

sadly depleted since manufacturer
went out of business - last few!

silver and gols spell candles
silver and gold spell candles

metallic coated - 2 hour burn time
50p each


To see our range of solid-coloured 8" candles, look here....or return to *candles main page to view everything that's on offer in the *candles department.


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