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Special holders to fit our 100mm solid-coloured candles.

The firm who supplied these has ceased trading, sad to say, so stocks are depleted and can't be renewed.

holders for our small single colour candles

moon with blazing stars candle holder

Lovely pewter holder to fit our 100mm candles, with crescent moon and star design. Here's a picture of it with a candle in.

46mm by 41mm across and 12mm tall.

£4.90 add to basket Sorry - out of stock

pentagram ball candle holder

Simple and classy pewter holder to fit our 100mm candles.

38mm by 36mm across and 20mm tall. To get an idea of how it looks with the candles in, see here.

£4.90 add to basket Sorry - out of stock

swirly sun holder for 100mm candle

swirly sunray candle holder

A rustic swirly sun design, crafted from pewter, that fits our 100mm candles.

40mm across and 12mm tall.

£4.50 add to basket Sorry - out of stock

goddess figure pewter candle holder for 100mm candles

goddess figure candle holder

A graceful goddess figure. Crafted from polished pewter; made to fit our 100mm candles.

55mm by 40mm across and 13mm tall.

£4.90 add to basket Sorry - out of stock

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