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To display your crystal stuff to spectacular effect, try one of our LED lightboxes.

The colours fade in and out gently and beautifully, which is my way of saying that they don't flash, an effect I think a bit naff.


55mm square mirror lighbox with LEDs

square mirror lightbox

These have 4 LEDs in the centre. They have a mirror top, lights that phase from one colour to the next, and an on/off switch. They run on 3xAAA batteries, and measure 55mm square.

silver finish square LED lightbox - £5.75 add to basket 55mm square mirror lightbox

rotating mirror lightbox

rotating mirror boxes

These have a rotating mirror fascia, LED lights that fade in and out, and run on either 3xAAA batteries or off the mains with a supplied transformer. The lightbox unit measures 80mm.

rotating LED lightbox - £15.00 add to basket 80mm rotating mirrored lightbox


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