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The Crystal Maze crystal balls

faceted Crystal Maze crystal balls

If you want to relive the glory days of The Crystal Maze, how about these? These brilliant faceted crystal balls, made from high quality Austrian lead crystal, are just like those featured in the iconic Channel 4 gameshow.

They are 40mm in diameter, the same size as the ones in the programme. Start the fans, please!

These come in black card boxes with a flip-top lid with a magnetic clasp.

Boxed crystal maze ball 40mm - £9.95 add to basket gift boxed 40mm crystal maze ball See the crystal with its box here

If you want spheres similar to these to hang in the window, they're here

faceted Crystal Maze crystal balls with AB base

Faceted Crystal Maze ornamental ball, made from high quality Austrian lead crystal.

These are 40mm in diameter, but have a film applied to the base which makes a rainbow of colour inside the ball, which changes as you look at it from different angles.

These come in black cardboard flip-top boxes.

Crystal maze ball 40mm with Aurora base - £9.95 add to basket gift boxed 40mm AB crystal maze ball

faceted Crystal Maze crystal balls - 70mm

I didn't expect to get any more this size, so stock is limited, and when they're gone, they're gone.

High quality, clear lead crystal, these are 70mm in diameter. They come in plain black cardboard boxes. So if you're looking for a larger and more spectacular Crystal Maze-themed ornament, these are just stunning.

Crystal maze ball 70mm - £25.10 add to basket 70mm crystal maze ball sorry - out of stock

faceted Crystal Maze crystal balls - 100mm

A large and quite stunning ornament, this has the same facet pattern as the crystals used in The Crystal Maze.

These balls are made from clear lead crystal, and are 100mm in diameter. They are good quality, clear crystal and come in a black card presentation box.

They have a coating on the bottom that reflects all different colours inside the ball in a quite spectacular way.

Crystal maze ball 100mm - £36.60 add to basket 100mm crystal maze ball

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