The remaining stock of soap, from when we had a bath section on the old website.

These beautiful, pure soaps are created using only natural vegetable oils, and contain pure essential oils for a gorgeous scent as well as their aromatherapy qualities.

Nothing here is tested on animals, and the soaps are suitable for vegetarians and for vegans (unless you object to honey, in which case that's clearly stated in the descriptions of the soaps that contain it).

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Solid Colour 4" Spell Candles - Premium Range


Was £0.48 - now on sale at £0.24

These 4" spell candles are made of solid coloured poured wax and will burn for approximately 3 hours.

I decided to discontinue this range, so I've marked down what stock remains to half price.

For more information, and to see what colours are on offer - though these are now limited - please go to the premium spell candles listings page.

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