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Labradorite is said to ameliorate anxiety, hopelessness and depression, and promote instead enthusiasm, self-confidence and inspiration. It can dispel negativity and bring clear understanding by enhancing clarity of thought and improving one's ability to cooperate with others in harmony.

Labradorite is also said to give perseverance and strength and enhanced intuition during times of conflict and change.

We have a selection of shapes and sizes of Labradorite pebbles. All are hand-picked and of stunning quality.

The picture and description is of the actual item you will receive.

labradorite pebble 1

A very nice labradorite pebble, round in cross section, and with a fabulous array of green and yellow labradorescence running diagonally through the stone.

46mm x 24mm labradorite pebble 1 - £5.00 add to basket labradorite pebble 1

labradorite pebble 2

A beautiful labradorite pebble with a lovely play of colour - blue, green and yellow - on both of the flat surfaces of the stone.

46mm x 29mm labradorite pebble 2 - £5.50 add to basket labradorite pebble 2

labradorite pebble 3

A lovely labradorite pebble with deep blue labradoresence.

56mm x 46mm x 15mm labradorite pebble 3 - £10.85 sorry - this one is sold

labradorite pebble 4

A beautiful stone with a big reflective plane in deep turquoise and blue on this side, and a green / yellow plane on the other.

60mm x 45mm x 20mm labradorite pebble 4 - £10.98 add to basket labradorite pebble 4

labradorite pebble 5

A big stone with lots of shifting colours, from blues to greens to yellows, in beautiful stripes. A very unusual and attractive stone.

54mm x 47mm x 23mm labradorite pebble 5 - £12.96 add to basket labradorite pebble 5

labradorite pebble 6

A large and impressive stone the colours of which change as you look at it from different angles - blue, green and yellow.

70mm x 55mm labradorite pebble 6 - £17.24 add to basket labradorite pebble 5

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