Greetings Cards by Amanda Clark


£2.45 - £2.65

Stunning window-mounted hand made greetings cards, by UK artist Amanda Clark.

Amanda Clark is inspired by folklore and myths and the serenity of beautiful landscapes, with a twist of fairytale and magic. Here is our present full selection of greetings cards with her beautiful artwork.

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Greetings Cards by Christopher Bell



Wonderful cards with pagan, folkloric and mystical subjects, by British artist Christopher Bell. A big selection of magical designs with Green Man, Celtic and other subjects from the folklore and traditions of Britain.

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Greetings Cards by Elaine Sheldrake



A modern treatment of ancient pagan symbols and subjects, by Elaine Sheldrake.

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Greetings Cards by Jaine Rose



Greetings cards with the exquisite artwork of Gloucestershire artist Jaine Rose.

Exquisite greetings cards in celebration of the festivals of the pagan year, the elements and the seasons, handfasting and marriage, with art by Jaine Rose. This is our present full selection of greetings cards with her amazing artwork.

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Greetings Cards by Karen Cater


£1.60 - £2.40

Stunning cards with rich symbolic images and informative text about pagan festivals, gods and goddesses and wonderful cards with hares, by UK artist Karen Cater.

Karen Cater is fascinated by the esoteric or mystical qualities of her subject matter, incorporating layers and levels of meaning into her compositions by her use of correspondences of imagery or colour, breathing life and identity into old song titles or figures from mythology or history.

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Greetings Cards by Neil Sims


£1.25 - £2.50

A wonderful selection of images on pagan themes, by UK artist Neil Sims.

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Greetings Cards by Lisa Parker


£2.00 - £2.65

Lovely cards with mystical and gothic themes and a celtic inspiration. There are cards with dragons, witches, cats, owls, green men, ravens, unicorns, all beautifully designed and suitable for any occasion.

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Greetings Cards by Cindy Grundsten



Greetings cards with pagan and mystical themes, by artist Cindy Grundsten.

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Greetings Cards by Hannah Willow



Greetings cards by artist Hannah Willow.

I find the landscape of the British Isles, and Wiltshire in particular, very inspiring. This combined with my love of poetry and British Folklore means my work is full of animals, hills, woodlands, primeval places, moons stars and constellations. I try to instill a feeling of place, of time and of magic in my work, connecting to the hidden knowledge held within the land and passed down through generations.

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Greetings Cards by Anne Stokes


£2.50 - £2.65

Greetings cards by artist Anne Stokes.

The fantasy art of Anne Stokes features striking designs and life like portrayals of fantasy subjects. Her art covers a broad range of themes, from the romantic and magical enchanted Forest, to the dark underworld of gothic vampires.

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