Tarot Cards


£9.79 - £77.95


Our latest collection of tarot cards, some of which come in a set with a book and/or other extras to help you to learn and to practice.

What's on this page are tarot decks that follow the conventional structure of 78 cards, 22 of which form the major arcana and 56 of which form the minor arcana. The major cards of the tarot are always pictorial, featuring the well-known images of the Fool, the Hanged Man, the Empress and so on.

The minor arcana is divided into four suits, which represent the elements of earth, air, fire and water. Most modern decks, following the conventions of the Rider Waite, also have pictures on the minor cards that help you to interpret them. Some, though, just have a graphic of the suit, say, five swords or ten wands. These probably aren't your best bet if you are just starting out. I've made sure the descriptions contain information about the minor cards being either pictorial or not, so I hope that's a help when you come to choose.

We also stock a selection of oracle card decks. These are packs of cards to be used for divination, but they differ from the tarot decks in that these have their own structures and numbers of cards. You'll find details about these things in the listing for each one. They're on a page of their own, which you will see a link to just below this one.

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Oracle Cards


£11.99 - £79.53


Here's our latest collection of oracle cards. These are used for divination, like tarot cards. But unlike tarot cards, there is no set number of cards in a pack. While tarot packs have a conventional structure (face cards, suits, etc), these don't. Each of these has their own structure and number of cards; you'll find details about this in the listing for each one.

I've included spell card decks on this page, too.

All of these sets come with full instructions for use.

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Boxes for Tarot and Oracle Cards


£9.54 - £34.75


Here is our selection of boxes to keep your Tarot or oracle cards safe.

We have a wide selection available, in a variety of materials from hand-carved wood to embossed metal to stone to wooden boxes covered in printed fabric.

All measurements are clearly given, so you can determine which box is best for the cards you want to store.

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Bags for Tarot and Oracle Cards


£4.50 - £10.79


A big selection of bags suitable for storing your tarot and oracle cards. There are some with a design printed onto black cotton, some with printed satin, some made of beautiful figured brocade and some wonderful velvet ones where the design is embroidered.

Some of the designs also come in smaller sizes, suitable for little angel cards or for carrying crystals or amulets.

All measurements are clearly given, so you can determine which bag is right for your purposes.

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Silk Wraps for Tarot and Oracle Cards




These are 100% silk scarves, the ideal size for wrapping and protecting your tarot and oracle cards.

Tarot and oracle cards should always be wrapped when not in use, preferably in silk.

These wraps are the perfect size to protect your cards and still fit into the bag or box you use to keep them in.

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Sterling Silver Tarot Jewellery


£29.30 - £52.45


Beautiful silver pendants using the designs of the Rider Waite tarot.

All major arcana cards are available, either from stock or to order.

These pendants are made from sterling silver, and the large ones come with the gemstone of your choice.

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