Anne Stokes Oak King Wall Art Canvas




Oak King is Anne Stokes' imagining of a green man character, and features oak leaves and acorns. The oak tree, due to its size and longevity, is a powerful, life-affirming symbol.

The green man face is beautifully printed onto canvas and fixed to a sturdy wooden frame. All fixings are included.

The canvas is 252mm high by 192mm across (10 inches by 7 and a half inches).

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Keeper of the Forest Figure




A stunning statue of the Keeper of the Forest, the Horned Goddess, symbolic partner of Cernunnos the Celtic Horned God. She stands holding a lantern so that she may guide travellers who have lost their way back on to their rightful paths. She is concerned with the balance of nature and energies and the fertility of animals and beasts.

She is the guardian of underground streams and rivers, a metaphor for the secret continuation of sacred truths and knowledge. She is an important Goddess to Pagans and Wiccans as she is the Goddess of the Forests, the rivers and the land and acts as the sacred guardian angel for all the people who live and dwell there.

The figure is 27 cm (10.5 inches) tall, and its width at the widest part is approximately 11 cm (4 and 1/4 inches).

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Green Man Wall Hanging or Altar Cloth




A wonderful quality thick satin cloth printed with Lisa Parker's Spirit of the Oak design. This has a green man foliate face with oak leaves and acorns in rich greens and ochres against a deep bue background.

The cloth is suitable for use on a table or altar, but it also has hanging loops in each of the top corners, so you can use it as a wall hanging as well.

The cloth is 870mm (87cm or 34 and 1/2 inches) square.

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Lisa Parker Green Man Wall Hanging




Printed on a heavy black twill-weave cloth, this wall hanging comes with a rigid hanger through the top, complete with cord, so you can hang it straight away, as in the picture.

The artwork features a green man face surrounded by leaves.

The hanging is 440mm (17 and 1/2 inches) wide and 540mm (21 inches) long.

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